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CGP MEP is a dynamic building services consultancy that was formally established 2014. We are the sum of our people, with experienced teams of mechanical and electrical engineers, REVIT coordinators and sustainability consultants being the foundation to our success.

With offices in London and Leeds, we have bases in the North and South of England so we can cover the whole country with ease and be there for our clients when they need us.

We are an equal opportunities employer and invest in our team throughout their career. Creating a diverse workplace, being socially and environmentally aware whilst empowering our team is our goal.

CGP | Approach

Since the dawn of time a buildings purpose has evolved from a structure to protect you and your family from the environment to becoming your home and work, facilitating your many professional and personal achievements, whilst now protecting the environment.

At CGP MEP, we bring buildings to life, providing comfortable and functional spaces in harmony with our environment adopting our sustainable engineering approach. But never compromising the clients objective and requirements.

We approach every project weaving learned engineering solutions, industry best practice and experience using progressive engineering and technological advanced platforms.

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CGP | Experience

The founding partners, directors and team have flourished together over the last two decades, developing a unique working relationship and uncompromising dedication. This wealth of mutual trust, experience and expertise has been gained growing the business, working and developing together on projects of all sizes across the globe under extreme programme and financial pressured conditions.

CGP MEP work across a diverse spectrum of clients and sectors; including residential, commercial, leisure, healthcare, education and major events. Examples of some of the projects we have done in various sectors can be found here.

CGP | Team

Our reputation and high level of service can only be accomplished through the people we employ. We will always listen to our staff and give them the freedom to excel at their strengths whilst mentoring, nurturing and guiding them to become great engineers.

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Michael Callaghan


Ben Green


Dave Parker


Dave Bowdery


Rupert Holdsworth


Emily Peel

Office Manager

Anna Kruglova

Senior Sustainability Consultant

John Warden

Principal Electrical Engineer

Alex Macdonald

Principal Electrical Engineer

Andy Peverill

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Stephan McCabe

Lead REVIT Coordinator

Alan Foster

Electrical Engineer

Harry John

Mechanical Engineer

Ben Tunnacliffe

Mechanical Engineer

Harry Hawkins

Senior REVIT Technician

Kristian Fieldhouse

Mechanical Engineer

Declan Parker

Mechanical Engineer

Ian Simmons

REVIT Technician & Document Control

Scott Savage

REVIT Technician

Matthew Whiteley

Trainee Engineer (inc. Document Control & COBIE)

Austin Dodsley

Apprentice Electrical Engineer

Alfie Gamble Thornton

Apprentice Mechanical Engineer

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