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CGP MEP offer a full range of services to meet any projects requirements, whether part or full, to the highest quality and value.

Our team thrive on problem solving and achieving simple, elegant and commercially viable solutions through innovation and creativity,

We have significant experience in all sectors and subsequently our engineers have a diverse mix of expertise which can be used to reduce complexities, inevitably improving project challenges associated with costs, programme, aesthetics and form.

Services offered by CGP MEP include:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Full BIM Design
  • Energy Simulation & Sustainable Design Solutions
  • Planning Support

See below for a more in depth look at these areas.

MEP Services

We approach every project with the appreciation that fundamentally every building is more than a structure; but a place to work, live, socialise, retreat, learn, holiday and flourish. The services and our design must facilitate this so that the users receive what they need, in the manner intended by the operators and owners.

We bring buildings to life providing functioning, comfortable spaces that both perform and are sustainable. Allowing the users to flourish and be largely unaware of the services enabling this.

Our team is made up of some of the best Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health engineers in the industry. Supported and complemented by the next generation of apprentices and juniors, embarking on our training and development. CGP MEP is the sum of the Partners and our staff. Employing and developing the best engineers ensures that we continue to provide the best service for our clients. This will never be compromised but continually improved and developed.

We adopt continuous improvement philosophies ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ to continually improve efficiency and reduce waste in all aspects of our works.

We provide a holistic design solution that meets all the client’s overall requirements ensure in the design process is simple and enjoyable with sustainability embedded within our core ethos.

By understanding our clients and our needs, we can provide clear, coherent and excellent design solutions which from our experience, provide a service which is exactly what our clients require.

Full BIM Design

CGP MEP and our staff have been at the forefront of collaborative design through BIM and as a result has extensive knowledge and the shared experience of being part of many projects, utilising an array of different BIM software platforms as a design collaboration tool since our inception.

We focus on close collaboration with end users, operators, architects, main contractors and MEP contractors, ensuring the design process meets its ultimate objectives.

CGP has realised the benefits both during design, installation and handover phases of many projects and utilise BIM working practices, at the appropriate levels on all projects that we are involved in.

All our staff are trained in and have access to Navisworks, Revit MEP and FABCAD as standard as well as platforms to use models in different analysis software such as IES and Rhino.

We have embraced the advice given by innovators such as Sir John Egan in ‘Rethinking Construction’ and defined our BIM process as ‘BETTER INFORMATION MANAGEMENT’ with the objectives being to focus on an integrated design approach resulting in a reduction in reactive design time, construction time, reducing costs and energy consumption leading ultimately to a reduction in production of greenhouse gas emissions.

‘BIM’ is interpreted in many ways but within CGP MEP it is our way of working and in simple terms, BIM aids the communication within all the parties of a project in a seamless and collaborative manner.

Adopting BIM principles and fundamentals is key to continuous improvement in enabling our design efficiencies to improve and subsequently reduce wasted time, money and resources for ourselves and clients.

Energy & Sustainability

As designers CGP MEP bring a sustainable design approach to all projects that we are commissioned. Utilising low energy design techniques and a ‘lean, mean, green, clean’ approach to all projects and adopting passive design techniques such as ‘fabric first’ ideologies initially coupled with low energy or passive comfort systems supplemented only where necessary by LZC technologies.

Full building simulation is provided by CGP MEP’s in-house Building Physics Engineers, meeting the clients and project legislative objectives whether these are capital, energy, carbon, lifecycle based or a combination.

Our sustainable design approach is not a ‘bolt on’ to the design stages or to provide ‘Green Bling’, it is interwoven in the fabric of our design process, informing the design rather than reacting. Ensuring our design solutions are part of the Buildings’ design forming a symbiotic nature resulting in a synergy between the building and its services, ultimately delivering successful low energy design solutions.

We look to harness the resources and only through optimum use of the building’s environment, and not fighting it, will successful design be accomplished – we look to harness and utilise the available resources such as natural light, shade, air, and available heat.

Planning Support

At CGP we provide a vast array of services at design inception to assist with early building massing, developing the brief, sustainability strategies and early design pre planning and planning support via the following assessments and surveys.

Sustainability Statement for planning submission: We review the local planning policy and provide a statement responding to the issues shown to be of concern to the Council in our sustainability guidance. We pull on information from the design team and additional studies that are necessary including air quality assessment, ecology surveys, flood risk reports etc.

BREEAM/Homes Quality Standard: this is often referred to by Councils as a measure of sustainable design, therefore we carry out pre assessments that are included in the appendices of the sustainability statement. Early involvement is good for the design as the early consideration of the issues involved can allow for them to be included more easily and at lower costs. It also ensures that early-stage credit opportunities are not missed later in the design process.

Overheating studies: these will help to ensure compliance with building codes and can help to ensure the orientation of the development is the best possible for occupant comfort and energy requirements.

Energy strategies and feasibility: With sympathy to the local policies, we carry out energy feasibility for the site, following the ‘lean, mean, green’ hierarchy set out in the London Plan and looking for Smart solutions that can offer the best efficiencies. We will use the energy modelling to ensure the strategy offers the most effective (carbon savings), cost efficient solution for the site and appropriate for the client’s expectation and procurement strategy.

Part L compliance, EPC, ASHRAI 90.1 SAP calculations: We can carry out the modelling to ensure Building Regulations are being met. Our in depth understanding of these calculations can help us to identify opportunities for design improvements or cost savings from eg reducing insulation.

Facade performance and parametric design: We use parent tic modelling (computer code to set a genetic algorithm) to optimise performance. Eg facade u value/glazing/heating/cooling performance .
This will provide the most effective solutions for the building and its environment to optimise the performance and thus help with energy demand reduction.

Daylighting and Sunlight Studies: assessing the impacts of the development on the surrounds and the daylight levels in the flats. Done early this can inform orientation and building height to maximise comfort for all and provide the Council with confirmation of the appropriateness of the site layout for the surrounding buildings. External lighting studies (night glare/glow assessment on neighbouring properties)

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