During the first 6 months of 2023 we welcomed 3 new associates to our team across Leeds and London.

They bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of expertise that aligns perfectly with our values and goals here at CGP MEP.

At CGP MEP, we believe that collaboration drives success, and these new additions to our team are a testament to our commitment to excellence.

We wanted to get to know our new associates a bit better and their reasons for joining us at CGP MEP and so we asked them all 3 questions.


Peter Manns

What made you want to join CGP|MEP?

I joined CGP with great enthusiasm and determination because of the excellent reputation and alignment of values that the company represents. From my extensive research and interactions with colleagues and mutual clients, I have found that CGP is known for its commitment to innovation, diversity, and employee development. I was drawn to CGP because of the exciting opportunities it offers for professional growth and career advancement. The dynamic work environment and the chance to collaborate with talented individuals from various backgrounds greatly appealed to me. Being part of a socially conscious organization that prioritizes ethical business practices and environmental sustainability was an important factor in my decision to join.

In conclusion, I am excited to be a part of CGP because of its stellar reputation, commitment to innovation, opportunities for growth, alignment of values, and the chance to make a positive impact. I am confident that my skills and experiences will complement the company’s vision and contribute to its future success.

What are your initial thoughts on CGP MEP since joining the company?

I am delighted to share my initial thoughts about my experience so far. My journey has been truly enriching and rewarding, exceeding my expectations in many ways. I have been impressed by the company’s emphasis on fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment. From day one, I have felt welcomed and supported by my colleagues and leaders. The sense of teamwork and camaraderie instilled within the organization has undoubtedly contributed to a positive work atmosphere, enabling effective communication and collaboration across departments.

What are your hopes for your future with CGP MEP?

As I envision my future with CGP, I am filled with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm. In just a month, I have gained invaluable insights and experiences that have solidified my determination to establish a long and prosperous career within this organization.

First and foremost, I aspire to make a lasting impact on the growth and success of CGP. With the support of the talented team and the resources available, I am eager to contribute my skills and expertise to help drive the company forward. I hope to actively participate in the development and implementation of innovative strategies that will position CGP as a leader in the industry.


Leigh Stanton

What made you want to join CGP|MEP?

The desire of the directors to want to grow the business, the absence of a corporate environment, the focus on engineering and not just the bottom line.   The use of a true BIM enabled environment through all facets of the design and construction process, which many consultants say they provide but in reality, don’t.

What are your initial thoughts on CGP|MEP since joining the company?

CGP are a friendly company, with a can-do attitude.  There is a good mix of senior and junior staff able to deliver projects in a fully BIM enabled environment

What are your hopes for your future with CGP|MEP?

My hope is that CGP continues to grow, with increasingly diverse and challenging projects.


Nick Wright

What made you want to join CGP|MEP?

It was the clear vision of the directors that attracted me to CGP, i.e., their desire to focus on the clients brief and delivering quality information, along with growing the business. In addition, their current utilisation of the latest design and collaborative tools, such as Revit / BIM to minimise programme delivery.

What are your initial thoughts on CGP|MEP since joining the company?

CGP are a professional and collaborative MEP consultancy whom do what they say and, deliver a quality service, on time and within the client’s cost plan.

What are your hopes for your future with CGP|MEP?

To grow with the business and to take the CGP team from strength to strength.