Monday 23rd March 2020. A day etched in the minds of every business owner, parent, employee, doctor and nurse and everyone else across the UK. The day that we were told to stay home, close our offices, do not leave the house. It is the day Lockdown began.

Going into a country wide lockdown is not something that we envisaged happening whilst we were celebrating our birthday back in November, but it happened and although, like most, it was a shock to the system, we are so proud of how our team has adapted to the “new normal”.
Keeping projects moving under the new social distancing guidelines could have proved challenging, but we have successfully been able to work remotely and still meet our customers’ needs and deliver our services virtually where possible. Where site presence is required, our team are prepared and ready to support all our clients in the safest and most pragmatic way possible.

As we are slowly emerging from COVID-19, we have adapted to a new way of working and used it as an opportunity to move forward with a new perspective and approach, because of this we have managed to thrive during this time, whilst sadly others have not. We are saddened to hear of the redundancies that companies are making due to the effects of the pandemic, but we have been privileged to be able to make some hires during this time. Between July and September, we have recruited no less than five new starters.

To be able to grow during a global pandemic is something we are extremely proud of and we are excited for our future. Although we are not quite back to “normal” just yet, we are confident that will get there. With new procedures in place at the office and a rota-based system for staff to work remotely, we are effectively combatting Covid-19 and the impact that it could have had has been avoided as much possible.

We have adapted to the current climate and it is a testament to our team for changing their way of working so quickly and effectively, it is with this strong and dedicated team and hardworking leadership that we have found the light at the end of what seemed to be a never-ending tunnel when lockdown was announced back in March.

We want to thank our staff and clients alike for their continued support through these extraordinary times and although this has been a challenging period, we have come out a stronger and better CGP|MEP Ltd.