Project Description

Chapter Lewisham

Chapter Lewisham

Chapter Lewisham, a student housing development in south London, shows how off-site modular construction can help deliver large scale projects in less time – but to just as high a design standard – as traditional construction methods. The decision to use modular construction resulted in a 50% uplift in student bed spaces from the original planning application.

The site is located on a long, thin site with the railway line on one side and a major road on the other.

The development provides 611 student bedrooms and ground level commercial space in two 12-storey blocks. The ground floor is raised due to the flood plain and the space created between the blocks forms the entrance to the communal student areas with landscaped space above.

Each of the 636 modules were delivered and erected in just three months, and full on-site construction took a total of just 10 months.

Project Details

Client: RED Electric

Project Manager: Undisclosed

Architect: Undisclosed

Main Contractor: Undisclosed

MEP Contractor: Undisclosed